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last update 23/07/2009

The University of Evry Val d’Essonne helps you.

Whether you want to create an association or to manage a project within an already existing one –at University or not – or independently, the University of Evry can provide you with many resources, including:

Guidance in project management (to help you create your project, search for partners and funding...).

Documentation and an association directory. This documentation is being set up; it is designed to help you to establish your projects and actions (how to create an association, etc).

A training programme for association leaders will be set up in the course of the academic year (project management, communication, administrative and accounting management, etc).

The University can help you financially.

If you are a student at the University of Evry Val d'Essonne and you have a project related to sport, culture or citizen involvement, the University can support your initiative to improve student life through the Fonds de Solidarité et des Initiatives Étudiantes (FSDIE).

What is the FSDIE ?

The FSDIE aims at funding projects carried out by student associations or students on any part of the University campus.

When you register at University, 13€ are directly transferred to the FSDIE. Funds provided by the University or local authorities can also supply the FSDIE.

How is the FSDIE managed ?

Applications for an FSDIE grant are submitted to a board made up of elected lecturers and students, CROUS representatives, student mutual insurance companies, local authorities representatives and State services. Members of this board meet 3 to 4 times a year to interview applicants and to allocate grants.
Grant proposals are submitted to statutory councils (CEVU, CA) for further consideration.

When ?

Projects submitted to the FSDIE are studied within the Social Commission of the University

You have lots of ideas so don't hesitate to get in touch with us...


Service d'Accueil, d'Accompagnement – Vie Etudiante (SAAVE)
Person in charge: Maria Munier
33 (0)1 69 47 70 30 or 82
@ : maria.munier@univ-evry.fr
Ile-de-France Building– Ground floor (room 43)

To obtain other financing, you can also apply to:

The CROUS: The « culture actions » program aims at promoting student cultural initiatives in very various fields: visual arts, cinema, technical and scientific culture, multimedia, poetry, music, photography, theater, and more. These projects are considered by a regional cultural commission which decides whether to provide co-financing grants or not.
The LMDE: The LMDE has a Fond d'Aide aux Associations Etudiantes (FAAE) that can fund some student projects. Projects considered to be of general interest for students and based on fundamental values advocated by the LMDE such as democracy, sharing, solidarity or autonomy are especially encouraged.

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