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last update 23/07/2009

The Handicap service  welcomes students and members of staff affected with a handicap, an incapacitating illness (temporary or permanent) or health issues interfering with their studies or their professional activity.

Every person affected with a handicap, regardless of its nature (motor, mental) or duration, can benefit from the Handicap services. In order to promote solidarity within the university community, this service provides students and members of staff with both collective and personalised assistance.

The university's various services work together to look after students and staff : the Student Health Service, the Registrar's Office (Scolarité), the job-integration office (Plateforme d'accès à l'emploi), the Orientation Office (PIOLE), the safety and health department service (Service départemental d'hygiène et de santé, the Personnel Office, the  local office of Essonne disabled (Maison départementale de l'Essonne des handicapés) , the Employee health service (Médecine du travail).  The disabled service is the interface between these various structures. Nevertheless, this support is only possible with the participation and the willingness of the student or member of staff.

Thanks to a warm welcome and personalised guidance, the student or staff member will find information and help to organise their studies or their professional activity. 
The handicap service will take various measures in order to improve the conditions of introduction of the students or members of staff confronted with health issues, in particular, regarding the accessibility of the buildings and emergency evacuations.
It is possible to borrow equipment, to obtain tutoring and help in adapting work space.

Your specific needs will be assessed in order to identify the most suitable form of tutoring.
In charge of Reception
Bureau 6 – ground floor, Ile-de-France Building
Tel.: 33 (0) 1 69 47 71 84

Université d'Evry-Val-d'Essonne Boulevard François Mitterrand 91025 Evry Cedex -