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last update 23/07/2009

Tutoring: real help to succeed in your studies
You have just registered at the University of Evry-Val d'Essonne in the first year course: tutoring can help you to succeed in your studies...

Following tests or results obtained in classes, you can benefit from tutoring lessons in your department. Post-graduate students will advise you on methodology, course support and research techniques in order to allow you to adapt to university demands (different from high school) or simply to improve your academic results.
In addition, you will meet up with other first year students confronted with the same difficulties as yours, and you will feel less isolated on a campus which is larger than that of your high school.

Tutoring will start up at the beginning of the academic year in some departments. Ask for more information from the teacher in charge of your department or course.

Succeed from the beginning by fully participating in tutoring lessons.
Do not wait to seize this opportunity!

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