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last update 01/02/2012

Intranet gateway:

University personnel have access to e-mail, intranet, the personnel directory and a cooperative schedule (not yet operational).
These services are all accessible both on and off-campus.

Pedagogical gateway :

This gateway, which is available to those registered on a pedagogical account, contains various categories of information and allows access to services (personal memory space, e-mail, a collaborative teacher-student work space (Dokeos), wifi access).
Registered students automatically benefit from this gateway.
The university e-mail address contains 100 Mb and the collaborative workspace contains 500 Mb for teachers and 200 Mb for students. Teachers and administrative personnel may register for access to the pedagogical gateway with the Computer Science Department.

Description of the gateways

All services are accessible both on and off-campus.

The Intranet and Pedagogical gateways will later be fused into the eSup gateway as part of the University’s participation in the CEVIF project (Consortium pour un Espace Virtuel Interuniversitaire Francilien).

Dokeos :

A collaborative tool for the posting of information and interactive course-related work. Over 400 courses are already on line.

Internet : a new internet site is being developed (it will include other services for the general public).

Digital Student ID card :

This student card, part of the CEVIF project, offers the following services :
A common image (common to the 11 participating universities) ;
University Library access (including book loans) ;
Electronic money (MONEO) for use in the university cafeteria. Delivered by a bank, it also allows for access to other services (Vélib Parisien, …) ;
Other services are also planned : transportation, attendance control, campus access control, etc.

Digital Personnel ID card :

Such a card, offering similar services for all university personnel, is being examined.

Services for the personnel :

  • VPN : safe remote access to the personnel’s work station.
  • Saving data: all data from central administrative personnel  is automatically saved and can be requested.
  • Access to the local  REVE network (Réseau d’Evry Val d’Essonne) : connection to the research network, RENATER, is possible thanks to the REVE network.
  • Mailing lists : Forums and other forms of exchange are possible by e-mail. When the member of one list sends a message to the e-mail address of the mailing list, all the other members receive it. A moderator, usually the founder of the mailing list, can filter the messages. The university mailing lists are managed by Sympa.
  • Management tools and services : the university uses the tools provided by the AMUE (Agence de Mutualisation des Universités) in order to ensure an efficient management.


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