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last update 27/01/2009

Qualitative and quantitative studies

Among other things, the service has the responsibility to carry out surveys on professional integration to find out what has become of recent graduates. These surveys may concern graduates of six months, 18 months, 24 months or more. The goal is to evaluate their professional insertion as well as to analyse their marketability.

The objective of these surveys is three-fold: clarify the decisions of the presidency in the strategic management of the university, sensitise Heads of Courses as to the insertion rate of their students, and finally report on positions occupied, and more generally professions exercised by graduates. Since its implementation in June 2007, the PAE has carried out two surveys: one on the 2006 graduating class in Science and Engineering and on professional degrees, the other on certain 2007 Master graduates. The first survey was conducted more than 12 months after graduation, the second one more than 5 months afterwards. The results of these two surveys are available in the section “Survey Results”.

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