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last update 27/01/2009

Language Certification

 A certification allows you to validate your language skills. It permits you to justify a certain level on your CV for future employers, or for a school, in France or another country. It can help you to go abroad to study and should be included in your language passport: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu

At the University of Evry, two such certifications are offered :

The CLES (Certificat de Langues de l’Enseignement Supérieur)

(Levels 1 and 2 in English, German, Spanish and Italian)
All students registered at the University may take it.
CLES 1 takes two hours and tests the four basic skills (reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking) based on a scenario related to student life.
CLES 2 takes three hours and test the four basic skills based on a situation which includes a sequence of oral interaction between two candidates.
There is no specific preparation necessary.
Two sessions are organised each year, generally in February and in April or May.
The CLES exam is free of charge.
To find out more: http://www.certification-cles.fr

The TOEIC (Certification in English only)

For all students wishing to justify a certain level of English on their CV. The TOEIC is recognised by employers internationally.
The two-hour paper-based exam tests primarily knowledge of grammar and listening and reading comprehension.
A specific preparation is offered at the University of Evry in the form of a UEL (reserved for L3 students) and a Master-level class. Both are free.
At the close of each semester, students have the opportunity to take the TOEIC on campus at a reduced price (about 50% less than the official price).
More information and practice exercises are available on the official website: www.fr.toeic.eu

The TOEFL exam (Certification in English only)

Mandatory for all students wishing to study in the United States and in certain English-speaking countries.
The four-hour computer-based exam tests grammar skills, listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking.
A specific preparation is available at the University of Evry in the form of a UEL (reserved for L3 students).
The exam is offered at the TOEFL-France site. More information about registration, cost and practice exercises are available at: www.fr.toefl.eu

Students interested in other language certifications should contact the Language Department.

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