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last update 27/01/2009

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Why Cross Disciplines (UE Libres) ?

The LMD reform signifies more open and diversified Licence courses. The UEL system participates in this reform. The objectives include : decompartmentalising the courses of study, pooling resources and interests, widening students’ perspective, giving them more freedom, developing life on campus.
All Licence courses at the University of Evry include one UEL each semester (except for the first semester of the first year).
These cross disciplines are "free" because students can choose the class they wish to take, whether it is inside or outside their own course of study.
Like the other disciplines, students receive a mark for their UEL and 2 ECTS credits.

What is a "transverse UEL" ?

The "transverse UEL" are proposed by the University and are open to all Licence students. They include :

  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Taking part in associations and citizenship activities
  • Setting up a Personal Study or Professional Project
  • Initiation to documentary research
  • Cross disciplines or discovery classes
  • Foreign languages and civilisation classes...

Some of the transverse UEL are restricted to certain levels of competence or to a field of study.

What is a "disciplinary UEL" ?

The "disciplinary" UEL are proposed by your own Licence path or course of study.
The list of these UEL varies from one course to another :

  • Practising an additional foreign language
  • Language or computer science certification
  • Optional or specialisation classes in your discipline
  • Teacher training
  • Optional trainee session...

Registering for a "disciplinary UEL" can be done through the computer application. The disciplinary UEL are managed by the registrar's office. It is your contact if you have difficulties.

How many UEL do I have to take ?

You have to take one UEL per semester in your licence course, except for the first semester during the first year. The students who are studying abroad or involved in a trainee session are exempt.


1er semester


2e semester


3e semester


4e semester


5e semester


6e semestre


Nb of  UEL to take







If you want to take more than one UEL during a semester or even take a UEL for the first semester of your first year, you can choose a UEL (transverse or disciplinary) in the "loisir" (leisure) mode.

Am I always free to choose any UEL ?

The list of proposed UEL contains both "transverse UEL" and "disciplinary UEL". The choice is yours!
However, we advise you to choose your UEL in coherence with your course of education and your own professional project. The Head of your department can help you with this. Go and see him/her if you have doubts.

Where do I get information ?

For the disciplinary UEL, the information can be obtained directly from the Head of your Department or from the registrar's office. The list of disciplinary UEL may be found in the RCC (Règlement de Contrôle de Connaissance) of your course of study.
For the transverse UEL, the information is available on this website, and can be obtained by watching for flyers and looking for information during the start of the new academic year.

Be careful: the list of the UEL is renewed each semester.

How can I register ?

You are responsible for your registration in "transverse UEL" and "disciplinary UEL" from Monday, February 4th, 2008.
A registration guide is available.

Registration will be closed on February 23rd, 2008. Afterwards, registration is no longer possible online. It will then require individual intervention by the UEL teacher or the registrar's office.

In the computer application, you have to give your student card number, your e-mail address and the title of the UEL you wish to take. This information will be communicated to the UEL teacher.
This procedure also applies to the UEL in "loisir" mode.
Your registration is validated when you receive an e-mail for confirmation. This registration is then definitive. Each UEL has a limited number of places, so you are advised to register quickly.

Can I register for a sports or arts UEL without paying additional registration fees ?

No. Such UELs require paying an additional fee. If you have not done so, you should contact the general registrar's office to pay.

Can I be sure of being able to register in the UEL I choose ?

For the disciplinary UEL, the Head of your Department determines the registration capacity and whether it fits your schedule.
For the transverse UEL, your schedule may not allow you to choose certain UEL. However, Thursday afternoon is generally dedicated to transverse UEL. Check the UEL list online for scheduling.
Since the capacity of the transverse UEL is limited, we advise you to register as soon as possible.

Can I make several wishes for transverse UEL ?

No. The computer application for transverse UEL can register only one wish at a time. It is conserved while waiting for the teacher of the UEL to confirm the registration.
You can still change your wish before receiving the answer. Once you receive it, your inscription is definitive. A change in registration from this point on can only be done manually.

Why is confirmation of registration in a transverse UEL sometimes late ?

The teacher of the UEL confirms the registration. A minimal number of students is required for it to open. If the confirmation takes time, it means that the number might not have been reached yet. Be patient !

Can I take several UEL during the same semester ? Can I take a UEL during the first semester of L1 ?

Yes, by choosing the "loisir" mode for the additional UEL, whether they are transverse or disciplinary.
If you choose to take a UEL in this mode, you will have to register through the computer application ("how do I register ?")

Can I register in any UEL ?

Yes, generally speaking. However, some of the UEL are restricted to certain levels of competence or to certain courses of study. Before registering, be sure to check the description of the UELs that are relevant to your interests, or go and see the registrar's office.

If a transverse UEL does not suit me anymore, can I cancel my registration and take another one ?

You can change your wish through the computer application if the teacher of the UEL has not confirmed your registration yet. After that, you have to contact the UEL teacher or the administrative contact. If you have doubts, talk to your registrar's office about that.

How are the transverse UEL marked ?

The description sheet of the transverse UEL indicates the mode of evaluation. There are RCC for the transverse UEL. The University harmonises UEL marks.

I am exempt from continuous assessment (“examen final” ou “regime special”), how can I validate my UEL ?

If no final exam is scheduled, a pedagogical project may be suggested. Discuss this with the UEL teacher and he/she will determine how to proceed.

I did not pass my UEL exam during the first exam session. Is there a second session ?

No, there is no second session for the transverse UEL. The mark from the first session is conserved automatically. If you were absent, you can be declared as defaulting or get a zero.

During the first semester, I took a UEL related to art or sport, and I wish to continue the same activity during the second semester. Do I have to register again ?

Yes. Registering in a UEL is mandatory for each semester, including classes which are considered annual.  Take a look at the list of the UEL to learn about any access restrictions.

I have been registered in Master and I would like to take a UEL. Is it possible ?

It is not, generally speaking. Taking a UEL is not mandatory in Master (except particular cases). But you can see the teacher of the UEL if you are interested in taking it.

Can I take the same UEL several times during my course of study ?

No, you can’t. But some of the UEL have different levels, or they can last for 2 semesters (i.e. : arts...)

Who can I get in contact with if I have a problem ?

The registrar's offices, and the heads of departments are essential contacts. You can also see the teachers of each UEL, and the administrative correspondents too. You can also send an e-mail to:   uel@univ-evry.fr.

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