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last update 27/01/2009

Réussir à l'UEVE

 The University of Evry seeks to ensure the success of the greatest number of students.

Prior to entering University, secondary school students are assisted in their choice of courses. A great effort is made to ensure that this choice corresponds not only to their personal motivations, but also to their capacity to succeed.

The University, in conjunction with the local school board, offers secondary school students a personalised evaluation of their capacities and the possibility to meet with a Lecturer from the chosen course of study. This may be followed by a series of remedial classes in early September in order to give the student every chance to succeed his or her first year at University.

During their entire course of study, students have the possibility of receiving pedagogical support in the subjects they have trouble in and tutoring by Master-level students.

TUTORING for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students can receive tutoring, remedial classes, training in research and methodology depending on the course chosen. Secondary school students may receive remedial classes prior to the beginning of the school year.
These measures are provided by third and fourth-year students, lecturers or library staff. They are designed for students in their first year of study, especially those having trouble keeping up or failing first semester exams. First-year students can also ask for an individual assessment from the Head of their course.


During their course of study, students should formulate a personal professional project, or strategy, in order to reach their vocational objective. It is possible for students to meet with professionals working in the field of work which interests them.

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