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last update 27/01/2009

 Higher education in France is organised in three levels or grades which correspond to those of other European countries, facilitating international mobility :

  • Baccaleauréat + 3 years of validated study  = Licence (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Baccaleauréat + 5 years of validated study  = Master (Master of Arts)
  • Baccaleauréat + 8 years of validated study  = Doctorat (Doctorate)

In addition, the Licence and the Master are organised in semesters: 6 for the Licence and 4 for the Master.

These levels of study include various “parcours” or paths based on UE (Unités d’Enseignement or Modules), each worth a defined number of European credits (ECTS). A student “capitalises” these credits which are generally transferable between paths.
A Licence is awarded once 180 ECTS have been obtained. A Master is awarded once 120 additional credits have been obtained.

Licence and Master degrees are offered within specific DOMAINES and carry a specific MENTION. SPECIALITES which are either research-oriented or professionally-oriented during the second year of the Master.
There are also Professional Licences whose objective is immediate job integration. It is possible to later return to school through continuing education or to validate professional experience (through VAE, Valdiation des Acquis de l’Expérience).

The University of Evry also offers two-year courses of study: the DEUST and the DUT.


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