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last update 27/01/2009

 Foreign students possessing a secondary school diploma or certificate and wishing to apply for the first time for a first or second year of study must fill out a DAP.

Two procedures exist, depending on the national origin of the student :

1/ An online procedure for citizens of certain countries.

This procedure is mandatory :  

  • to fill out the DAP application,
  • to apply for a student visa (when necessary). The "carte de séjour" is then automatically attributed to the student registered in a participating university.

Applicant should go to :


2/ For applicants from other countries, the DAP form is available December 1st :

  1. In France, at the applicant’s first-choice University, if the student already possesses a « titre de séjour » valid for at least one year (green form),
  2. Outside of France, at the Cultural Service of the French Embassy located in the applicant’s country (white form).

The forms may also be downloaded :

The form should be returned by January 31st of the year requested :

  • to the applicant’s first-choice University if the applicant is living in France (green form),
  • to the Cultural Service of the French diplomatic Office if the applicant is living outside of France (white form).

Certain applicants will have to take a French language exam. Information on this is available in the DAP form.

The DAP procedure is mandatory with the following exceptions:

  • foreign students possessing a French baccalauréat exam, an International Baccalauréat or a European Baccalauréat.
  • Students belonging to the EEC
  • Students applying for a DUT or University diploma
  • Students participating in an international exchange programme (through ERASMUS or a bilateral agreement)
  • Students on a French national scholarship, one from an international organisation or another non-French national scholarship managed by the CNOUS or the CIES.
  • Political refugees or foreigners possessing an OFPRA card
  • Children of diplomats working in France.

Be careful : French or foreign students possessing a French baccalauréat but residing outside of France are exempt from the DAP procedure but must fill out the blue form.

For all information concerning studying in France, visit: http://www.campusfrance.org/

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